" Quality over Quantity" 

Executive Valet wash
Est.. Time:  1 Hour       Cost:  $35-75

  •          Hand washed with High foaming gloss enhancers
  •         Wheels  cleaned with pH cleaner
  •         Tires Dressed to stain or high gloss finish
  •         Hand or compressed air dried for a spot-free finish
  •         Vacuum Interior Carpets and Mats ( Heavy Soiled carpets cost extra)
  •          Interior and Exterior Windows are Cleaned streak free
Executive Valet Wax
Est. Time 1.5 to 2 Hours   Cost:  $55-95
  •           Includes Executive wash
  •          Light Bug and tar Decontamination
  •          High Quality Carnauba wax is applied
  •          Dust removed form Dash board and console Protection applied

The Standard Detail   (Our Most Popular Package)
Est. Time: 2-4 Hours    Cost:  $75-125
  • ·         Includes Executive Wash
  •            Clay bar exterior paint to remove embedded contamination
  • ·        Medium Bug and Tar Decontamination
  • ·        Exterior Trim Dressed
  • ·        Interior vinyl is cleaned and protection from UV/ rays applied 
  • ·        Door Jamb Cleaned
  • ·        Mats cleaned
  • ·        Choice of : Paint Sealant for extra protection / High Quality Carnauba Wax 
The Executive Detail
Est. Time: 6-8 Hours   Cost:  $170-225
  • ·          Includes Standard Detail
  • ·          Complete Bug and Tar Decontamination
  • ·          Clay Bar Paint Surface: Removes Contaminated embedded  on paint        
  • ·         Fabric Guard applied to carpet ( Add Protection from Spills and Soiling)
  • ·         Leather Cleaned and Conditioned / Carpet & Upholstery shampooed 
  • ·         One Step Polishing to remove Swirl marks and light scratches
Platinum Detail
Est. Time: 7-8 Hours Cost: $185-250
  •  Includes Executive Detail
  •  Two step Polishing to remove moderate scratches and swirl marks
  •  Headliner cleaned
  •  Shampoo Engine compartment & Dress
  •  Polish/wax rims
  •  Apply a polymer sealant for extra Protection (6 to 9 months)

    Level 1: Basic Interior
    Est.. Time 2-4 Hours Cost $75-125

    •  Interior is vacuumed and air purged to loosen & remove dirt
    •  Vinyl and leather components & trim cleaned to like new condition
    •  Carpet & Upholstery are pre-spotted, hand shampooed
    •  Deep cleaned with a heated extractor to remove ground in dirt and grime
    •  Interior & exterior windows, mirrors and gages are cleaned to perfection 
                                      { Note: Heavily solid carpets & upholstery will cost extra.}
    Level 2: Executive Interior
    Est. Time 6-8 Hours Cost $90-150

                         Add protection to keep your interior looking clean and protected! Better soil
                      protection for you carpet & upholstery, fiber guard is applied to protect form
                      spills and soil.  Upgrade and Receive:
    •    All features of level one package
    •    Leatherique Restoration products
    •    Fiber guard applied to protect carpet and upholstery form spills and soil

                          Leatherique Restoration products cleans and fully rejuvenates leather seats
                       to like new condition. This treatment completely removes all embedded oils
                       dirt extending the life of your leather seats.

    Engine Shampooing 
    Est. Time 1-2 Hours Cost $25-50

                          Keeping a vehicles engine clean actually will help it to run cooler and 
                       increase the resale value. Engine compartment is shampooed with special
                       degreasers to break down caked on grease and grime, that has deposited
                       on the firewall. Engine compartment is then "dressed" with a non silicone
                       dressing. Although many precaution are taken not to damage various
                       electronic sensors we aren't responsible for damage's.
    Carpet & Upholstery Shampooing
    Est. Time 2-3 Hours Cost $50-100

                         Floor boards and seating surfaces are vacuumed and air purged to 
                         remove loose debris. Carpet are then checked for stains and excessive
                         ground in dirt and grime and are then hand shampooed. All fabric and
                         carpet fiber are deep cleaned with a special heated extractor to remove
                         ground in dirt. Leather seating surfaces are cleaned and conditioned
                         with proper pH balanced products to correctly clean and restore the
                         the leather to its natural beauty. 
                   Note: Heavily soiled Carpets & Upholstery & Excessive pet hair will cost extra     

     Prices are subject to inspection of vehicle and based on condition 
     and size of vehicle.

    • Extra soiled interiors will be charged extra for time involved
    • Removal of personal items will incur additional charges.
    • Full payment will be due after detail is complete.                   

                                                       Sell your Car Package

      It's a known fact that clean and polished vehicles sell faster than dull and dirty ones.It's another known fact that not only will your car sell faster if it looks great but you will get a lot closer to your asking price than trying to pawn off a dirty, dull and smelly ride! This package will make you money $$$

                                               Our Sell Your Car Detail Package includes:
                                               Est.. Time 3-4 Hours Cost $100-150 ( depending on size and condition of vehicle)


                                                     *  Hand wash & Micro fiber dry
                                                     *  Engine cleaning & dressing
                                                     *  Machine polish exterior
                                                     *  Condition tires & trim
                                                     *  Vacuum interior & shampoo carpets & mats
                                                     *  Wet dust dash, door panels and console
                                                     *  Condition interior vinyl trim
                                                     *  Clean all windows & mirrors
                                                     *  Apply new car scent
                                                     *  Address any special requests
                                                     *  Upholstery and leather cleaning optional
                                                                *   More extensive cleaning and detailing optional  

      Remember, a shiny and clean car sells faster than a dull and dirty one, that is why car dealers detail their cars for their front line. Car dealers actually increase the trade-in value up to $1200 for a vehicle that looks and smells good!

      After you sell your vehicle be sure you contact Reflections Auto Detailing so we can protect your new vehicle with our New Vehicle Protection Package, more information below about this package


                                                        New Vehicle Package

    If you have recently purchased a new vehicle or plan to do so you should consider protecting the paint and the interior with our New Car Protection Package. Car dealerships charge upwards of $1000 and they usually just have some part-time high school kid doing the work. Our New Car Protection Package will protect your new vehicle’s interior and exterior components. It is recommended that you have us re-seal the painted surfaces on an annual basis. To be eligible for this package your vehicle should be 60 days older or less. The newer the better


                                                 New Vehicle Protections Package
                                                  Est. Time 4-6 Hours Cost  $150-250

                                                          * Hand wash and clay bar to remove contaminates form paint surface
                                                          * Polish painted surface to a brilliant shine
                                                          * Hand apply polymer sealant for a 6-9 month protection
                                                          * Clean and dress tires
                                                          * Clean window and mirrors inside & out
                                                          *Clean and condition leather
                                                          * Purge carpet and vacuum
                                                          * Add fabric protection to carpet and mats
                                                          * Clean vinyl trim and dress 

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