Benefit of a Maintenance Package
   The money spent on a detail maintenance is a good investment.
    Not only will you take more pride in your well maintain vehicle,
    but you will also get a higher trade in value when it comes time
    to sell. Remember the price you can get for a vehicle is based 
    almost entirely on the appearance of the vehicle.
    Obviously it makes good business sense to spend $150-200 on a
    good detail, so in the long run you can profit a additional $500-
    $1,000 on the resale.
   Note: Vehicle needs to be fully detailed by us before maintenance package can be

     Weekly option: 1
     Maintenance:  wash package includes 4 hand washes per month
  •  Hand wash and micro fiber towel dry
  •  Remove tar, and bug residue
  •  Clean tires, rims and dress tires
  •  Clean wheel wells
  •  Wipe down dash, console, door panels, vents
  •  Purge carpet, vacuum interior and trunk
  •  Clean windows & mirrors inside & out
  •  Interior fragrance available
  •    compact cars sm pick-ups   $75.00
  •    mid size cars                        $100.00
  •    larger cars & suvs                $125.00
  •    x-large trucks & suvs           $150.00

       Weekly option: 2
      Maintenance: Wash & wax includes 4 hand washes per 
       month one hand wax (sealant) at  the end of the month
       or when ever your vehicle needs to be.
  •   Hand wash and micro fiber towel dry
  •   Clean tires, rims and dress tires
  •   Clean wheel wells  
  •    Remove tar, and bug residue
  •   Wipe down dash, console, door panels, vents
  •   Purge carpet/ vacuum interior, and trunk
  •   Clean windows & mirrors inside and out
  •   Clean door jambs
  •   Hand wax ( sealant)3 to 6 months of paint protection
  •   Dress vinyl
  •   Shampoo mates
  •   Remove excess wax form cracks & crevices  
  •         compact cars & sm pick-ups    $100.00
  •        mid size cars                            $125.00
  •        Large cars & suvs                    $150.00
  •        x-large suvs & trucks               $165.00  

          These weekly services are designed to keep your vehicle show
        room new. The results of a maintenance service is to protect
        the cars painted surface, form harmful uv-rays, bug residue,
        tar and environmental fallout. And also protect your vinyl and
        leather, carpet form everyday use.
        The over all advantages of these services, is you will never
        have to pull out another water hose, or drive to a car wash.
        Because we bring the shine to your home or office. So kick
        back and relax and let us take car of your car needs.
         Weekly option: 3
        Maintenance: Full detail package includes: 4 washes per month
        and one full detail at the end of the month.
  •    Hand wash & micro fiber towel dry
  •    Remove tar, bug residue
  •    Clean tires,  rims, & wheel wells
  •    Dress tires
  •    Clean door jambs
  •    Machine polish to remove lite swirl marks
  •    Hand wax (sealant)
  •    Remove excess wax form cracks & crevices
  •    Rim & wheel polishing
  •    Air purge carpet and vacuum interior and trunk
  •    Clean & condition dash, console, door panels
  •    Clean gauges, vent, knobs
  •    Hand shampoo carpets & upholstery,  floor mats
  •    Deep clean with heat extractor
  •    Clean windows & mirrors inside & out
  •    Interior fragrance available
  •         Compact cars & Sm pick-ups  $150.00
  •         Mid size cars                            $160.00
  •         Large cars & suvs                    $175.00
  •         X-large suvs & trucks              $190.00