Motorcycle Wash & Wax
               Est. time 2-3 hours: Cost $50-75

  •  Wash and degrease entire bike.
  •  Clean wheels (dress if desired)  
  •  Hand wax all painted panels.
  •  Clean and conditions leather seat
            Motorcycle Detailing
           Est. time 6-7 hours: Cost $100-150

  • Wash and degrease entire bike
  • Clean tires( dress if desired)
  • Hand  wax  all painted panels
  • Hand polish rims.
  • Hand polish(sealant) all chrome
  • Hand polish plastic windsheild
  • Clean and condition leather seat
               and saddle bags.
        Boat Detailing Services

  • Full Detailing
  • Washing & Waxing
  • Oxidation Removal
  • Compound buffing
  • Full Interior Cleaning
 Reflections Detailing wants to help restore,  and     maintain the beauty of your boat. And at the same
  time maintain the value of your investment.

    The benefits of having your boat detailed by us.....
  •  Cut wash time in half
  •  Removes oxidation form paint
  •  Restores that high gloss shine
  •  Cleans and condition gel coat
      Boat Detailing Rates
     Full detail.......... $10-15 per foot
     Boat Interior......$5-10 per foot
     Boat exterior..... $8-15 per foot
     Boat wash & wax..$6-per foot

 Don't neglect your boat keep up on
 regular maintenance. It will save you
 from costly repaint and restorations
 in the future. We come to your Marina
 Boat yard, or Residence. So what are
 you waiting for make a appointment
 Higher end RV   $8 to  $12 per foot
 Exterior only.
Large Rv $6 to $10 per foot
 Mid size RV $5 to $9 per foot


  • Wash      
  • Road tar, Bug residue removal.
  • Tires cleaned, and dressed    
  • Wax, and Polish exterior
  FULL INTERIOR $5 to $8 per foot
  • Interior Shampooed
  • Windows, Blinds Cleaned
  • Appliances & counter tops cleaned 
  •  Wood Polished
  •  Bathroom cleaned, disinfected
  •  Dash, and Door jambs cleaned
  •  All vinyl, leather, and rubber are
                cleaned and conditioned